Perhaps rizzles will be our always or
maybe i'm just crazy, help me find out?


Rizzles Remix!

Where Angela finds out about Maura and Jane, Maura finds out Jane hasn’t told her mother about them yet, and Jane realises she’s in a world of trouble. 

She’s family!

The way to fix Rizzoli & Isles is actually pretty simple: The writers need to ask themselves what they’d do with Jane and Maura if they were Castle and Beckett, or Booth and Brennan, or Mulder and Scully, or any man and woman with that kind of chemistry.

Heather Logan


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Canon OTP: Rizzles


That smile..

How do I begin to explain Maura Isles?

Random episode S03E09 

looks - Rizzles


Rizzles vs. Swan Queen.

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